To provide quality, authentic, hand slaughtered halal products, which are government inspected, and available to the customer at a competitive price. Sheik Halal Farms is approved and certified by Halal Monitoring Authority Canada ( HMA ).

Production Features
  • The work philosophy at the SHF is that we are blessed when we can provide a trustworthy and quality food product, fair prices, and convenience to our customers
  • The main emphasis in the entire production process is on three aspects: Halal, Quality, and Affordability
  • The slaughtering is done strictly as per the Islamic laws by following the Holy Qur’anand the way of the Sunnah way of the Prophet Muhammad (may God’s peace be upon him)
  • Halal products not only come with a reassurance of the Islamic values, but also thepromise of healthier and better quality food products in comparison with that slaughtered by normal methods
  • The poultry products are processed at our slaughter house in Grand Valley, Ontario which includes Gaming birds, Ducks, Heavy Hens, Roosters, Chicken and Fowls
  • Each bird is hand slaughtered one at time
  • Fresh beef, lamb and goat products are purchased only from reputable halal abattoirs. The animals are never shot before hand slaughtered, ensuring a true halal product.
  • The frozen meat products are purchased from several leading foreign companies from countries like Australia and New Zealand to provide our consumer with the best available product
  • Every product goes through extensive testing and observation. The consumer canrest assured that they are receiving a quality, healthy product

Halal is an Arabic term meaning “permissible” Or lawful. To Muslims, the word has a larger meaning, but in the context of food, it refers to what may be consumed by Muslims in accordance with Islamic Law or Shariah. The opposite or antonym of Halal is Haram or forbidden. For the meat of animals to be halal, it must have been slaughtered according to Shariah. The hand slaughtered animal is referred to as Dhabihah (Zabihah) in Islam, and is regulated by a set rules that assure the health of the animal to be slaughtered and conformance to Islamic religious law, which is derived from the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah (way of the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s peace be upon him) as found in the books of Hadith complied by Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim and others.


Mentioning the name of Allah should, according to the Qur’an, precede the act of slaughtering itself. Invoking the name of Allah at the moment of slaughtering is interpreted as acknowledgment of God’s right over all things. Furthermore, it is an asking of permission to take the life of the animal to be slaughtered and endows the slaughterer with a sense of gratitude for Allah’s creation, even prior to partaking in the meat of the animal. Thus, the slaughter itself is preceded by the words “Bismillah, AllahuAkbar”,which means ‘In the Name of God, God is Supreme’.

According to Islamic law, the conventional method used to slaughter the animal involves cutting the coronary arteriesalong with the jugular veins with one swipe of a non-serrated, sharp blade. This method of slaughter serves two goals. It provides for a painless death, as the immediate loss of blood flow to the brain renders the animal unconscious and it also effectively drains the blood from the animal. This is important because the consumption of blood itself is forbidden in Islam. Muslims consider this method of killing the animal to be cleaner and more merciful to the animal.

  • There is a growing demand for Halal meat due to the diversification of the Canadian population, and the growing global Muslim population.
  • Currently there are about 1.3 million Muslims in Canada.As the Muslim population in Canada expands and as demand from non-Muslim consumers grows, the halal market is expected to see even greater growth in the future.
  • Canadian consumers are also becoming increasingly concerned about the treatment of animals before they are slaughtered, and are turning to halal foods as viable alternatives.
  • Over the years, many non-Muslim consumers, who do not follow these religious dietary guidelines, are beginning to buy halal products as they are considered to be safer and of higher quality, taste and freshness than conventional products.
  • There’s a growth in demand for Halal meat, particularly within the food service sector.
  • This demand has become so great that they are poised to surpass organic meat markets in popularity.
  • The majority of halal meat products are labelled halal but are not authentic hand slaughtered halal.
Very convenient way to purchase – Online – Save time, energy and efforts! By keeping with the changing times and lives becoming busier, SHF has started this unique initiative to bring the quality halal meat to your doorsteps by ONLINE ORDERS. Now the fresh, healthy and quality halal meat is just a click away from you. The distinctive features of this service are as following:
  • Fresh as just purchased
  • The certifications to ensure your trust
  • Most authentic Halal meat hand-slaughtered by following Islamic traditions and the principles of Qur’an strictly
  • Get value for money – through low price guaranteed and price squeezes for wholesale orders.
Note: online payment option coming soon

Sheik Halal Farms is approved and certified by Halal Monitoring Authority Canada ( HMA ).
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